Together with our English teachers Prof. Eberl and Prof. Pistrich, we spent this day in Vienna, first at the ORF Funkhaus, then in belvedere21, a modern museum. The English tour at the Funkhaus was really interesting, as we were informed both about the history and architectural specialities of the building and about the development of the medium radio. We were allowed to listen to a contrabass player rehearsing and attended a live show at Radio Wien. The friendly host answered all our questions. At the end of the tour some students got the chance to present the news and weather forecast in a studio, in English, of course.

Belvedere21 is a modern museum, not far away from the Upper Belvedere. There we saw some contemporary art by Eva Grubinger (“Malady of the Infinite” – political sculptures) and Herbert Brandl (“Exposed to painting” – Brandl´s work of the last two decades).